July 2015 Pictures


McAuliffe 4

photos submitted by Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli

ISHF Members Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli, P.E. of DANBRO Distributors in Philadelphia, PA submitted the following photos.  Certified CHANCE® installer, McAuliffe Contractors, LLC, carefully installed nine CHANCE® helical underpinning piles to stabilize a methane plant equipment pad in New Jersey.  Installation was precarious and tight with the high pressure, highly explosive, and active methane gas lines above.  Below, dense landfill debris and obstructions were encountered making the installation dangerous and difficult.  The helical piles were installed to an approximate depth of 30 feet.  The limited clearance required precise machine control and custom drive tooling to fit inside the 3.5-inch shaft.

McAuliffe 1

McAuliffe 3

McAuliffe 2