DFI Helical Piles and Tieback Seminar

Use of Helical Piles and Tiebacks in Seismic & Lateral Load Conditions

August 10, 2016 – August 12, 2016
Ontario Airport Hotel
Ontario, CA (near Los Angeles)
DFI’s Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee is planning this three-day event on the proper design, application and installation of helical piles and tiebacks in seismic and lateral load conditions. On the pre-seminar day, the Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee of DFI will hold a meeting. Topics specific to seismic and lateral loading, materials, construction, and testing procedures will be presented on Day 1 and the next day will provide a demonstration of installation and testing of helical piles at JRW Foundation Systems in Redlands, Calif.
For Registration information please use the attached link to the DFI website

July 2015 Pictures


McAuliffe 4

photos submitted by Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli

ISHF Members Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli, P.E. of DANBRO Distributors in Philadelphia, PA submitted the following photos.  Certified CHANCE® installer, McAuliffe Contractors, LLC, carefully installed nine CHANCE® helical underpinning piles to stabilize a methane plant equipment pad in New Jersey.  Installation was precarious and tight with the high pressure, highly explosive, and active methane gas lines above.  Below, dense landfill debris and obstructions were encountered making the installation dangerous and difficult.  The helical piles were installed to an approximate depth of 30 feet.  The limited clearance required precise machine control and custom drive tooling to fit inside the 3.5-inch shaft.

McAuliffe 1

McAuliffe 3

McAuliffe 2


December Photos

photos were submitted by John Pack

John Pack, Vice President of Engineering for HELI-PILE Helical Piles and Anchors of Arvanda, Co. and ISHF Member, sent the following photos of work being performed in the New Jersey shore area. Residential structures are being raised and helical piles are being installed as new foundation elements. There are several companies performing similar work in this area which was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. It looks like we will be hearing a lot more about these types of projects at the next DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee Seminar next September in New Jersey.

November Photos

AP Boardwalk Reconstruction 018

Photos Submitted by:
Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli
DANBRO Distributors
Photos taken by: All is Sharp Photography


Asbury Park Danbro All is Sharp Photography Under the Boardwalk APBoardwalk Reconstruction 022

The following photos were submitted by Frank D’Angelo and Steve Gencorelli of DANBRO Distributors of Philadelphia, PA. After Superstorm Sandy badly damaged the Asbury Park, NJ boardwalk in October 2012, the city did a temporary fix until they were able to permanently rebuild the boardwalk and bulkhead in early 2014.  The original boardwalk foundation design called for concrete piles, but it was  determined that they would be too expensive.  The cased and grouted Helical Pulldown® Micropile foundation system was chosen as the cost-and-time-saving alternative.  South Jersey Helical Piers, installed 264 Helical Pulldown® Micropiles 27-35 feet below-grade to an ultimate capacity of 80 kips.  The no-vibration installation was needed to protect nearby glass-faced stores, restaurants, and theaters, as well as the Asbury Park Convention Center, a national landmark.

October Photos

Photos Submitted by: Jim Stewart John P. Stopen Engineering, LLP

Photos Submitted by:
Jim Stewart
John P. Stopen Engineering, LLP.


The following photos submitted by Jim Stewart, Ph.D., P.E., with John P. Stopen Engineering, LLP of Syracuse, New York, illustrate a case where helical piles could be removed after they were used for temporary support of scaffolding and shoring towers for rehabilitation of an historic building on the Syracuse Universityadmin bldg 2 Campus.  The helical piles were used as both tension/compression foundations.

admin bldg repair P1010050

1st International Geotechnical Symposium on Helical Foundations

The 1st International Geotechnical Symposium on Helical Foundations organized by the ISHF was held 8-10 August, 2013 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Ma.The Symposium was attended by 45 engineers, researchers, manufacturers and suppliers with a an interest in Screw-Piles and Helical Anchors. Attendees at the Symposium  and authors of technical papers and presentations represented a broad spectrum of the industry and in addition to representatives from the U.S. included representatives fromCanada, Brazil, Guatemala, New Zealand, China, Italy and Ireland. By allaccounts the Symposium was very well received by all who attended. Some photos of speakers and a group photo of attendees are shown below. Bound color hard copies of the Proceedings (346 pp) which include 29 Technical papers are available from the ISHF for a cost of $100 plus postage (ISHF Members discounted price is $80 plus postage). The paper citations will be added to the latest edition of the Technical Bibliography which will be issued in 2014. Plans are currently underway for the 2nd International Symposium to be held tentatively in the fall of 2016, depending on otherindustry events. The location has not been decided as yet.

Symposium 2Symposium 4     Symposium 1