Becoming a Member

Membership in ISHF provides a professional means for individuals to keep current with practice and new technologies/applications and technological developments in the design, construction and behavior of helical foundations/anchors. Membership dues are used for ISHF operational expenses and to maintain a web site, Technical Bibliography Data Base and membership lists and to develop outreach materials. Members are allowed to submit news items for consideration for the Society’s Newsletter on new methods, products, projects. The Executive Director will have discretionary approval of submission to ensure that news articles are not of commercial nature. The ISHF does not accept corporate membership or commercial advertisement.

Membership Benefits include:

  •  Networking – Access to electronic Annual Membership Directory
  • Announcements of new publications related to Screw-Piles, Helical Anchors and Plate Anchors
  • Electronic Technical Bibliography of Screw-Piles and Helical Anchors
  • Seminars/Workshops/Conferences
  • Industry News Updates
  • Semi-Annual Newsletter

It is the intent of the ISHF to:

1) Organize regular professional international meetings;
2) Help expand international use of helical technology through knowledge;
3) Provide educational workshops for engineers;
4) Maintain an electronic Technical Publication file;
5) Act as a clearing house for scholarly research reports related to helical technology. To keep members updated on results of research, the ISHF maintains a Technical Bibliography of professional publications related to Screw-Piles and Helical Anchors. The Bibliography is updated every year from the leading international Geotechnical Engineering Journals and Conferences.

If interested in becoming a member of ISHF, please download the 2015 ISHF Membership form and return with a check or money order to Dr. Alan Lutenegger